Wednesday, January 12, 2011

farm to table

a final dish is only as good as the quality of ingredients one starts with. which is why, schedule permitting, every wednesday and saturday i hurry to the santa monica farmers' market to forage my way through the stalls and revel in the season's bounty. i'm not alone. the santa monica farmers' market is frequented by some of LA's coolest chefs looking to get their hands on beautiful produce harvested at the peak of ripeness.

i always decide what to cook after visiting the market where i'm hugely inspired by the colors, smells and flavors unique to each season...meyer lemons, persimmons and cauliflower in winter...asparagus, fava beans and rhubarb in spring...tomatoes, corn and berries in summer...apples, wild mushrooms and pomegranates in fall. i could go on and on. 

i encourage you to eat market-fresh. befriend your own network of farmers and purveyors providing locally grown and sustainably farmed produce to your neighborhood. think globally, act locally!

x, b


  1. Ooo I love lemons, the smell, taste= ahhh. :)
    I like your blog!
    It reminds me of the movie 'Julia & Julie' (which btw I just saw the other day and I liked it!) have you seen it?

    btw Do like also making deserts?
    Like chocolate cakes? Haha I LOVE chocolate and my mom and I like baking..

    Anyway, can't wait for next blog!

    ~xMichelle_1990x from twitter. ^_^

  2. I love farmer's markets as much as anyone else, but I truly love living in a neighbourhood where I can grow my own food in the backyard.


    Fresh food is the best good.